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Finding Your Entrepreneurial Calling

When building a business or a product for a business, you have to pay attention to a lot of different things. A short, but hardly comprehensive list of questions comes to mind: Are you solving a problem? Will people pay for that solution? Is it easy to reach the market? Are there no competitors or…

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How my product could have prevented Adobe from being hacked

One of my podcast listeners forwarded me an interesting article from Adobe Software about how they had been hacked. It turns out that Adobe had a build server in their environment which had been compromised. This build server had apparently not followed their corporate standards for security, so when this server was deployed it was…

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Can you help me? A request of my readers

I don’t usually ask for much. In fact, I don’t recall the last time I actually asked for anything of my readers. But I do have a favor to ask, and it’s one that could really help me out a lot. As you’re probably aware, I’ve been working on this product called AuditShark for quite…

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