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Working in Public Is Hard

The ability to work in public is probably in the Top 5 challenges I’ve had to face in the last several years. I’m not talking about going to Starbucks with a laptop and working for several hours while people watch you work. I’m referring to building something new and working on it in such a…

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6 Steps for Implementing Marketing Monday

Are you a technical entrepreneur or a developer who likes the idea of building your own software company? If so, chances are good that you enjoy writing software but hate the idea of marketing. It’s not your fault. Like sales, marketing carries connotations of being a sleaze-infested cesspool of rotten people and you probably don’t want…

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Hitting the Reset Button

Ahhh, the first week of the new year. It’s the time we get to hit the reset button on the previous year, forgetting all of the commitments and lies we told ourselves a year ago. Many of us will excitedly proclaim “This year will be different! I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to get…

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What assumptions are you making that are holding you back?

Entrepreneurship often feels like a sliding scale between science and complete guesswork. It’s preferable to be absolutely sure of the result of every action you’re taking. Unfortunately that’s impossible. It would take too long to be sure of every result and it’s not worth testing every possible action. Therefore, we make a lot of assumptions when…

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