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It’s About Starting, Not Finishing

One of the more common challenges that many people have emailed me about over the past few months is the problem of motivation. It’s relatively easy for most people to get started on something new, but somewhere along the way, they get lost. They drop into a funk and it’s difficult to make forward progress.…

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The Death of Moon River Consulting

There are generally two reasons why a business ceases to exist. Either it went out of business or it was acquired by another business. In most cases, the founder would rather it be acquired rather than shuttered because at least that way you can say that you had a “successful exit”. I’m in the former…

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Arbitrary Choices and Forward Momentum

Over the past several months, I’ve been diligently working on my new product called AuditShark. If you are new or haven’t been following my blog lately, the basic concept goes something like this. There are dozens of industry regulations which dictate specific settings that should be configured on computer in specific ways. They include things…

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