Announcing MicroConf 2011

Last week, I listed a number of goals for the year, and the fourth one was to speak at more conferences. Rather than waiting to be invited to speak, I thought I’d be a bit more bold and simply host my own. Well, it’s not just my conference. I’ll be hosting it with Rob Walling, whom you may know from his blog So without further ado:

MicroConf 2011: The Conference for Self-Funded Startups and Single Founders

When?:  June 6 & 7
Where?: Las Vegas, NV

Speakers include

A limited number of discounted pre-release tickets will be available soon.


Anyone launching a startup with no outside funding who wants to learn from, and hang out with, 225 of today’s leading founders and entrepreneurs.


If you’re fired up about this conference, here are the next three things you’ll want to do:

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  2. Upvote the conference on Hacker News
  3. Tweet it!
  4. Tell your friends who might be interested.

More info will be coming and I hope to see you there in June!

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  1. Doug Martin on March 10, 2011 at 11:43 am

    This is a great idea – I hope you guys can pull it off.

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