Announcing The Single Founder Handbook

This past August, I took a trip to my cottage in Edwards, NY. The trip was primarily intended for me to be on-site to show the place off to potential buyers and was successful in that regard. However, I also took it as an excuse to do a 3 day personal retreat. As part of this retreat, I gave a lot of thought to what I liked about my life, what I didn’t, what I wanted to do in the future, and how to get from here to there.

One of the things that came out of that personal retreat was the intense, burning desire to teach people some of the things I’ve learned over the years that have really helped move the needle to help save them from some of the painful experiences I’ve endured.

It took a long time for me to get here, but I realized that teaching, writing, and making a living are not mutually exclusive. Writing a book doesn’t mean a career change out of computers, any more than running a conference like MicroConf makes me a professional event planner. I can do different things and still be the same person.

So I’m officially announcing The Single Founder Handbook.

My challenge in the past hasn’t been the writing itself, rather what to write about. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before now but writing a book isn’t really much different than doing customer development for a new software product. Ask what people want and tailor your offering to what they need. Simple, but astonishingly effective. *facepalm*  So here it is.

How can I help you? Do you need help finding a product, getting started, are you somewhere in the middle, etc. What processes would be helpful for you to know about or better understand? What are you afraid of and why do you think that is? What are your biggest challenges and what have you done so far to get over them? What’s worked for you, and what hasn’t?

All of these questions and more are fair game. But I can’t write about them if I don’t know more about you. If this is something you’re interested in hearing more about or want to help give me some direction regarding what YOU would want to see, sign up for the insider notifications and reply to the questions in the email you receive.

That’s it for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

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