Another “Milestone” completed

Well, Moon River Milestones v1.1.0 is out the door, and it’s time to turn our attentions towards a pair of other pressing matters. First, is the conversion of our website from the older and more venerable ASP code to C#.NET.

“Why the change? Isn’t it good enough as is?”

Well, not quite. Part of the problem boils down to maintainability. A long time ago, I got hooked on ASP because it was far easier to maintain than Perl for web based programming. Later, PHP came along. There’s not a lot different functionally between the two if you know what you’re doing. But maintainability is still an issue.

Converting the website to C# allows us to keep all of the website source code, including images, text, etc. all in the same solution file within Visual Studio. This is an incredible benefit. The mere fact that I don’t need to switch between CodeWright and Visual Studio should be reason enough, but there’s certainly more. The ability to use the same code libraries between multiple projects is a key part of our corporate strategy. Moon River Milestones is written in C#, as is the license code generator. and SPROC Build are also C#. Now the website is being converted to C# and Aurora is being built with C#.

See a pattern yet? Consolidating nearly all of our code in a single solution file, and sticking with C# allows us to concentrate on the code, not on getting our brains on the right path in terms of the syntax we should be using to print out a string. It’s the same code, regardless of the project.

When Aurora hits the scene, you’re going to start to see the beginnings of another pattern. I won’t spoil the surprise yet. You’ll have to wait and see how Aurora unfolds.

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