Athens, Greece – Day 4

I was going to write another post about my day yesterday when I got back from the office, but my day simply got worse when I booted up my laptop.

It turns out that there is a strike going on here in Athens. A lot of the city services are shutting down, garbage is piling up on the street corners, etc. It’s really not pretty. I’m certain that it’s not any different than in the US when public services go on strike.

Yesterday morning, I had to wait for more than half an hour to get a taxi to get to the office. I left the office around 5:30pm and it took me 3 hours to get home. I waited outside the office for more than 45 minutes trying to get a taxi before I decided to start walking. And of course I got lost because I couldn’t read any of the signs.

It's all Greek to me!

Yes, that photo is technically from the airport. Not a good photo, but the best my camera phone could do. The streets of Athens are worse because most of the side streets have signs and the ones that do are well… in Greek.

So after my 3 hour, unanticipated walking tour of downtown Athens, I made it back to my hotel and attempted to do some work for the client. When I boot up my laptop, my profile was somehow corrupted. I think it was some leftover problems due to an older profile I was using on my computer, but I’m not quite certain. So after my 9 hour work day, and my 3 hour commute home, I spent another 3 hours fixing my laptop, and another 3 hours on top of that doing work trying to keep up with things going on with Moon River back in the US.

It’s been a rough trip so far, but I really can’t complain. It’s better to have too much business than not enough and travel is part of being a consultant in my line of work. Things are on the verge of changing though. I have several more weeks of travel lined up and after that, we’ll have to see what happens. I’ll certainly keep you posted.

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