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MicroConf – Prague

For the last three years, my business partner Rob Walling and I have put on a conference for self-funded startups in Las Vegas called MicroConf. Something we resisted for the longest time was doing a second conference, but it seems we have no choice any longer. Early this year, we announced MicroConf 2013 in Vegas…

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Post MicroConf 2013 thoughts

When Rob Walling and I put together the first MicroConf in 2011, we knew what we wanted to do, but weren’t quite sure if we could pull it off. Start to finish, we put it together in about 10 weeks. The following year, we gave ourselves six months and it still seemed like everything came…

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Free ticket to MicroConf from Microsoft

One of the single, best experiences I have each year comes out of MicroConf, the conference for self-funded and bootstrapped startups that I put together with Rob Walling. If you’re extremely serious about building your software business, this is the place to be. In just two years, MicroConf went from being a completely unknown conference,…

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