MicroConf – Prague

For the last three years, my business partner Rob Walling and I have put on a conference for self-funded startups in Las Vegas called MicroConf. Something we resisted for the longest time was doing a second conference, but it seems we have no choice any longer. Early this year, we announced MicroConf 2013 in Vegas and put tickets on sale. It promptly sold out in under 52 hours.

We could make the conference larger, but we know that would change the dynamic and when too many people are there, it makes it difficult to meet everyone. Running a second conference is also problematic, primarily due to the fact that Vegas is cheap to host conferences, while the rest of the country is not. That’s disappointing, but even hosting a second conference means that you have to have a second lineup of speakers, another venue, etc.

Our solution was to host another MicroConf anyway, but to do it on the other side of the world. On October 5-6th, we’re having MicroConf -Prague. We’re keeping it small, and expect to only be hosting about 110-125 people, including speakers and attendees.

Interested? You’ll need to act fast.

Go to http://www.microconfeurope.com and enter your email address into the textbox at the top of the page to get on the Early Bird list. We’re selling tickets this week, so don’t wait until next week to sign up for the notification. Tickets could be sold out before they go public. Take care, and I hope to see you there.


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