This past weekend, I was back in Rochester, NY visiting friends and meeting with an overseas contact about some work that he needed done. On my way back on Sunday, driving near the Syracuse area I saw no less than 5 New York State Troopers. Anyone who has ever driven through New York knows that if one of these guys pulls you over, you’re going to get a ticket. I’m the only person I know who ever got out of one and I consider myself extremely lucky to have done so.

The speed limit on the New York State Thruway is 65 mph and the average person drives somewhere between 68-75. There are the occasional drivers who do around 80 mph, but they don’t tend to last very long. I generally drove in the 68-70 mph range because although it’s a 6 hour drive, a $150 ticket just isn’t worth the half hour I’m going to save, not to mention a speeding ticket would allow my car insurance company to have its way with me for the next six years. (I’ll go off on the insurance companies some other time.)

Massachusetts is a bit different. In a 65 mph zone, if you’re driving 75, you’re probably going to get squashed by the guy behind you who is doing 85-90. Did I mentionhe’s tailgating you too? I have a theory that the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts gives out drivers licenses in Cracker Jack boxes. It’s the only logical explanation I can come up with, since speed limits and turn signals appear to be entirely optional, as are stop signs with white borders.

As I cross the border into Massachusetts, the traffic gets noticeably faster. It speeds up by around 15-20 mph on average. Just as I started to reflect upon this phenomenon (while speeding past an entire Massachusetts State Trooper barracks no less) I see a billboard sign that says:

“You’re probably speeding. We can relate.”

Comcast High Speed Internet

Now if that isn’t a great location for that advertisement, then I don’t know what is. Someone really knew what they were doing when they decided to put that sign there. And you know what? It’s the only Comcast sign I saw the entire way back to Boston. Great job.

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