Database Mistakes

Mike Gunderloy put together a great article for outlining “Ten of the Biggest Mistakes Developers Make With Databases”. It ties in pretty well with my Gatekeeper article, advocating a single point of control for database development within an application. Everything he mentioned, I myself have seen time and time again.

The bottom line is really “Know what you’re doing.”. And this of course covers pretty much everything.

I’m still working on organizing some of my thoughts for my next article on how to focus on quality, as opposed to the fact that you should. Business is growing fast though. I’m almost at the point where I’ve considered hiring an administrative assistant just to help with running things, let alone getting real work done. Dealing with a lot of the administrative stuff seriously detracts from your time doing the work that really matters.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading of the dozen or so books I purchased last week. It’s amazing some of the contrasts I’ve found between two books which are by the exact same authors. One makes perfect sense and is put together in such a way that a monkey could understand it, that monkey being me of course. The other? Well, same authors but lets just say that the other book didn’t get put through the ringer to see if it even made sense. I read the first three or four chapters and gave up. It just didn’t make any sense, and it seemed like the authors were playing with semantics of words. Not very helpful.

In any case, these two books will be the first entries into Mike’s Bookshelf. Any geeks out there interesting in learning marketing could do well to read over my summaries prior to spending a lot of time reading random books before finding a few good ones.

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