Domain Name Change

This morning, I made several changes to the server that runs my blog and will continue to make tweaks over the next week or two. Essentially I’m transitioning everything to slowly use the domain instead of, which is probably what you are used to seeing. Interestingly enough, my Google Page Rank is going to be a 3 either way.

I would make all of the changes all at once, but I need to be sure that things like my RSS feed and my FeedBurner stats are still working properly. If I change too many things at once, it will take me longer to figure out exactly what caused the issue. With things like my RSS feed at FeedBurner, I won’t find out anything is wrong for a full day and I’d rather avoid that if possible.

Unfortunately, one byproduct of the most recent change is that the Tweet counters for all of my posts have been reset. An apparent casualty of war, which is fitting I suppose on Veterans day. There are a few other byproducts of the domain change, such as image links which still point to the old domain which might break in the future, should I ever neglect to redirect those URL’s properly. I’m hoping that the main artifacts of change are not noticeable for the most part, but if you happen to see something, please let me know.

Thus far, as I’m sure you gathered from my last post, the domain name change and facelift to the site are largely complete. Next comes more frequent blog posts. It’s not the writing that’s difficult. It’s deciding what order to publish them in and whether they’re good enough for “prime time”.

Stay tuned.

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