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You’d think that with the whole “widescreen craze”, Microsoft would have addressed this issue on their own. It turns out that when you’re using Excel 2003, you can’t view two Excel documents side by side in different monitors because Excel opens them up in a single application window. They show up in the taskbar as two different instances of the application, but when you try to move one of them to a different monitor, it moves them both because they’re part of the same application instance.

Many thanks to Ant Drewery for the solution. Now I can view two Excel spreadsheets side by side in different monitors at the same time. Apparently Microsoft has fixed this in Excel 2007.

Want to view two spreadsheets side by side on different monitors at the same time? Here are the instructions for how to fix it on your own PC.


  1. Golf Scrambles on June 17, 2007 at 10:41 pm

    Sweet tip, I’m also glad they moved up the maximum row and column count… makes transferring database data a lot easier 🙂

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