Free Webinar on Making the Leap to a Micropreneur

If you’re not familiar with the term “Micropreneur”, you’ll likely hear a bit more about it in the coming months. To give you a really short description, a Micropreneur is basically the owner/founder of a Micro-ISV. Ah yes, another acronym to explain. A Micro-ISV is a small, independent software vendor. That’s basically a term that Microsoft came up with for any software company that isn’t Microsoft.

Next Monday at noon ET, I’m giving a free webinar with Matthew Mamet of EditMe on how to make the leap to being a Micropreneur. Here is the registration link itself, and here’s a link to the description of the webinar. Initially, the webinar will be a simple Q&A with Matt, but after we cover the following topics, we’ll open up the floor to questions.

  • Validating your idea with potential customers
  • Organizing the flood of your ideas into a coherent strategy
  • Chicken Entrepreneurship – Pro’s and Con’s
  • Day 1 on your own – what do you need?

Hope to see you there.

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