Happy New Year

Oh wait, that was last week. I’d claim insanity, but after the fifth or sixth time, people start to ignore you.

The new Moon River Software web site is out, complete with a new logo. It looks 3.14159 times better than the old one. It’s easier on the eyes in every way, closes up a lot of the open space that used to be there, and puts in writing what the company is really about. If you haven’t tried Moon River Milestones out yet, you should take 2 minutes to give it a try. We’re not even asking for an email address anymore, so if you’d prefer to remain completely anonymous, that’s your choice. Why are we doing this? I know of a marketing person who is likely to email me about this as soon as she sees it and tell me how I should be requiring more information, asking for more than just an email address and generally doing the marketing thing a bit harder.

I’m not really sure it’s necessary though. People like, more than anything, to have options available to them. They hate being forced to do things, and they hate registering their email address on web sites just to try out a stupid demo. They don’t have time for it, and I certainly don’t have time to go through the incoming email addresses to check out their web sites, make phone calls, and see if they really want our software, or if they’re just idly curious about what it does.

It’s certainly possible that it could be a competitor checking out the competition, but is an email address requirement even going to slow him down? Of course not. Given the choice of two identical applications, if you need to register to demo one of them, and you don’t need to register to demo the second, which are you going to choose? Placing obstacles in the way of our customers trying out our products is a bad idea, plain and simple.

While I would certainly appreciate it if people provided me additional information, if by not requiring it I can increase the number of people who try it out, then it’s well worth it. Being in the dark never hurt anyone. Just ask a politician.

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