MicroConf 2012 – Coming Soon

You might have heard about my little podcast called Startups for the Rest of Us. You might have also heard about MicroConf, which is the conference that Rob Walling and myself put on for self-funded startups and single founder companies.

If you haven’t been listening, don’t worry about it. We’re hosting this little conference again this year. This week, we’re finalizing all of the contracts and will probably start selling tickets by the end of the month. Yes, that’s within the next two weeks. Based on feedback we got last year from people who attended, we learned that they really liked the fact that it was a small, intimate conference where everyone really got to chat with everyone else. So we have decided to limit the number of tickets this year to make sure we keep it small. With the overwhelmingly positive response from last year and the number of people who said they’d come back, I don’t think I’d be entirely surprised if we sold this year.

Don’t worry though. If you want to have the first crack at tickets before that happens, go to the website and sign up for the launch notification. You can also see all of last years’ speakers and download a free E-Book. It’s a great event to meet fellow entrepreneurs where you’ll get good and energized for your next entrepreneurial push forward.

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