New website coming soon

No, not this site. I’m talking about Moon River Software’s new web site. Building a new web site is pretty tedious, especially when you’re creating new marketing content to go with it. You have to make sure that you use your key words effectively and often enough, but not so often that search engines will mark them as redundant. Last night I was up until 2am working on it. Tonight I’ll take a breather, and most of this weekend will be lost to New Years laziness.

But the new web site is looking extremely good. I’ll likely take some screen shots of the old site and put them side by side with the new one when it’s finished, just so everyone can see the differences. It’s pretty striking to be honest. It’s amazing what a little bit of effort (and a whole lot of time) can produce. According to my corporate goals for 2006, I need to have this done by January 9th. I should be able to make that date by a long shot. The real trick will be getting everything to say what I want it to say. Look for a new site late next week.

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