Returning from hiatus

So, I’m back. Technically I never went anywhere. Unless you count Indianapolis, Puerto Rico, Raleigh, Durham, Pinehurst, and Indianapolis again. I also have an upcoming trip to Athens. Yep. As in Athens, Greece. I leave on Saturday. Two weeks after I get back, I leave for Las Vegas where we’re sponsoring a conference. Yes, life is rough. Let me tell you, that trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico back in February was just awful. Coming from New England, I just can’t understand how they deal with that weather all the time. I mean, it was warm, sunny and people were walking around in shorts. Shorts! In January! The insanity of it all.

Of course, doing all that traveling for clients is pretty nice sometimes too. After all, I didn’t have to pay for any of those trips and only one of them was terribly painful. If you’re guessing, it wasn’t the trip to Puerto Rico.

A lot has happened since I last posted to this blog. We filled the position we had open with a new technical member of the staff. Finally. It took forever and we had a ton of people in for interviews, but the process is finally over. He’s smart, funny, and brings a unique perspective to the office. Unfortunately, now that he’s in the door, we’re already considering starting the hiring process again. It just never seems to end.

We also moved into a new office space at the end of the year. That’s been something of an ongoing nightmare due to the heating issues, but the move has been good overall. We went from a 450 sq. ft office to a 2,200 sq. ft office. Believe me when I say that we needed the space. We had the space built out for us back in December and moved in just before New Years. I’ll tell you the war stories in a follow up article, but everyone has their own office, and none of the servers are in anyone’s office.

Let’s see, what else. I was reminded today that my stolen GPS with all of the European maps would have come in extremely handy while I’m in Athens this coming week. Alas, it was not to be. I could buy another set of maps, but when am I going to go to Europe again? Oh yea. Most likely in the next 3 months, as we’re courting a few potential customers in Europe right now. Seems Moon River Consulting has gone international pretty quickly.

Last week was intended to be my return from hiatus, however I read in the paper the morning I was going to add a new entry that Gary Gygax had passed away. I don’t think he was still involved with Dungeons & Dragons or Wizards of the Coast anymore, but still. Once a geek, always a geek I suppose. I felt like I had somehow lost something, but wasn’t quite sure what. Maybe I need one of those Remembralls.

I think the only major thing left to mention is that my Masters thesis is finally underway again. Previously, I had spent a huge amount of time procrastinating. To the tune of nearly 5 years. Now, with the deadline fast approaching, I’m spending my spare time on the road working on my thesis rather than touring the sights. It’s not terribly unusual for me to sit in my hotel room on my laptop, but it’s a little disconcerting that my trip to Greece will likely be spent the same way. After all, how many times do I get to go to Greece?

Stay tuned for some follow ups.

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