The Anorexic Startup – A Tale of Sex, Drugs, and C++

“Day 37: It’s been over a month since I’ve embarked on this masochistic lifestyle.  My eyes are bloodshot, burned deep by my laptop’s searing glow. The floor is littered  with streaked coffee cups and half-smoked cigarettes. A late rent notice is buried somewhere under the mess, along with other forgotten responsibilities. My hoodie and jeans uniform has grown roots to my skin, and I have completely abandoned proper hygiene.

Let me explain how I’ve transformed into such a creature. I was fired a few weeks ago from my IT job. I worked at a law firm, helping inept attorneys open their e-mails and print documents. My spotty attendance was the problem – apparently you have to show up every day when you’re working with people who wear suits. Honestly, I was quite relieved by the axe. It was an opportunity to do what every unemployed programmer does: burrow in a dark corner and build an iPhone app.”

The rest of this story can be read at the website Mike asked me to share this story and while I don’t typically accept random offers such as this, I felt that it was well written and certainly somewhat educational, if not entertaining. If you’re in the software startup scene, or even if you just want to be there, definitely take the time to give it a chance.


  1. A-ron on March 15, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    What a great story. Sad, kinda, but still great. This would make a great Direct TV commercial: “When you build an awesome iPhone app, you start making lots of money. When you start making lots of money, you get even more money from hungry VCs. When you get even more money from hungry VCs, you get to go to wild corporate parties. When you go to wild corporate parties, you bang some nasty girls. And when you bang nasty girls, you get Syphillis and lose your company and all your money. Don’t get Syphillis and lose your company and all your money.”

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