UPS Update

It’s been 12 days since I was informed that UPS would make a detailed investigation that would be completed within the next 1-8 business days with the status of what happened to my server. Now, to be sure I found it more than a week ago. As a test, I decided to not bother calling them to say I’d found it on my own, no thanks to them.

I’m curious to know when they’ll decide to conclude their investigation. I’m a bit surprised that their investigation hasn’t involved calling me again to ask me any questions. It reminds me of a friend who listed me as a reference for a government security clearance. They never called me either. Still, there’s money on the line, and the package was insured for over $1,000 so I thought they would have wanted some more details.

Alas, they have not. Good thing it’s the holiday season and they can make it up on volume.

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